What Makes the game good?

Easy Onboarding

During your first play-through, the introductory game mode lets you focus only on a few objectives to learn the game's flow. When ready, move on to the standard and advanced game modes and watch as endless new possibilities arise.

Simple But Strategic

Each turn presents countless choices to make and paths to take, while the gameplay is driven by intuitive mechanics, interfacing, and iconography. At first appearance, the game’s density may seem daunting, but its learning curve prove to be fun and engaging as players become well oriented after just a few turns.

Modular & Custom Experiences

The game feels hearty even in its simplest, lightest weight form, while the advanced mechanics add more of what already works. Nearly all game mechanics and components are modular, so you can create custom game modes using our guide.

Gorgeous Components

Thanks to unlocking multiple KS Stretch Goals, every component has been upgraded from base specs. From the gorgeous washed minis to the linen-finished cards and the dual-layer player boards, we spared now expense in producing our first-ever game. The top-quality components only adds to the game’s already tremendous table presence.

how to play, intro mode

how to play, Shadow Governors mode

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Pillars of Creation

Rock-solid Mechanics

Rock-solid mechanics involve gameplay loops that are fun, fulfilling, and avoid convolution. We review each detail and game mechanic to make everything clear and concise. Constructive criticism is always welcome, and we strive to live by the old military adage of "bring suggestions, not complaints." With ego and greed cast aside, good games will rise above all else.

Expansive Themes

Expansive themes in both breadth and depth, which means that nothing is just surface level. There is a beating heart beneath every aspect of our creations. For every piece of art and line of text that you may witness, we can assure you that there is an entire catalogue of information backing each detail. The large majority of our world building process occurs in the background, is closely safeguarded, and remains unseen—until the time comes to reveal it.

Immersive Production

A gorgeous and immersive production can always be expected from Team Bantam. Art is what makes us human, therefore, it will never be limited by budget or time constraints. We never make promises that cannot be kept, therefore we will always be extremely deliberate in sharing our release dates and assure total transparency when it comes to our production timelines.

What is An Immersive Tabletop Sim?

The Immersive Tabletop Sim, or "ITS" for short, is a type of role-playing board game pioneered by Bantam Planet. These games emphasize player choice and creative problem solving in a self-contained system, thus requiring no game master to function. All ITS games will be compatible for combined play!

ITS Distinctions

No Game Master

It combines aspects of TTRPGs, stealth games, fighting games and exploration games in a self-contained system—meaning no Game Master.

narrative forming

The opportunities for scoring points always greatly outnumber the winning conditions, emphasizing player agency and narrative.

Character’s Perspective

All game interactions are witnessed from the character’s point of view, allowing the players to immerse themselves in the game world.


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