Pillars of Creation

Rock-solid Mechanics

Rock-solid mechanics involve gameplay loops that are fun, fulfilling, and avoid convolution. We review each detail and game mechanic to make everything clear and concise. Constructive criticism is always welcome, and we strive to live by the old military adage of "bring suggestions, not complaints." With ego and greed cast aside, good games will rise above all else.

Expansive Themes

Expansive themes in both breadth and depth, which means that nothing is just surface level. There is a beating heart beneath every aspect of our creations. For every piece of art and line of text that you may witness, we can assure you that there is an entire catalogue of information backing each detail. The large majority of our world building process occurs in the background, is closely safeguarded, and remains unseen—until the time comes to reveal it.

Immersive Production

A gorgeous and immersive production can always be expected from Team Bantam. Art is what makes us human, therefore, it will never be limited by budget or time constraints. We never make promises that cannot be kept, therefore we will always be extremely deliberate in sharing our release dates and assure total transparency when it comes to our production timelines.

our values

Opportunities for creation and expression are the driving force behind Team Bantam. Although we are game publishers first and foremost, we refuse to limit our presentation and products to a single medium. Being as it may, we consider ourselves general MAKERS of any good thing that might come through inspiration. This sets the foundation of our company values:


Ever-striving towards mastery of ourselves, our actions, and our craft. We understand that mastery takes time and effort, so we do not allow outside factors to force us into haste. It’s not just about the final product but instead the journey and practice of creation.


We must be fearlessly authentic to grace the world with our truest selves. Whenever Bantam Planet must deliver a public message, it will be delivered forthrightly and come from the heart --- no matter how difficult the news. We say what we mean, and we mean what we say.

Kyōkan (共感)

Meaning “to feel one with,” the Japanese term is used to describe a method of research that is subjective and empathetic. We view ourselves and our customers as one because we only make products we enjoy. As such, our daily studies are conducted to further explore and refine our collective interests and desires.


Our endeavors are not towards being the best but always doing our best and making that a habit. The Bantam version of excellence is not found in comparison with others but with our former selves and products. We are only as good as our last creation and always work towards making the next better than the previous.

Ruach (רוּחַ)

Meaning “wind, breath, or spirit,” Ruach exists in every aspect of what we create. It is the living spirit that fuels our lives and our passions. We view the creations of Bantam Planet as an extension of ourselves and take great care to make sure they are worthy representations of that fact.


We are a small, lean, company... we do not let outside forces put undue pressure on our decision making processes. We make what we want to make... Zero waste.

Everyone Is Invited

While the complexity and detail conveyed by our games might not suit everyone's interests, we strive to create an all-inclusive world. Bantam is a world wherein anyone can be a hero without regard to race, color, gender, religion, age, disability, or national origin.