TSP Logbook

The Sunken Post, or "TSP" for short, is an underground and independent hand-carry courier service from the planet Bantam. These professionals are capable of delivering any parcel, anywhere - even Earth Realm. They live and die by the motto: Never Lost - Never Found - Always Delivered.

Our TSP Logbook contains all Bantam Imports that are marked "Declassified", thus available for viewing by Earth-Dwellers. Follow along with our Imports to see the latest News, Tales, and Hearsay from Midland!

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Layout of all CQ Industries weaponry in Bantam West.
mins read
Nov 2023

What is CQ Industries?

Close Quarters Industries manufactures specialized weapons and tools, bridging the gap between law enforcement and criminals in Hemlock City, Midland.

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Bantam Planet
mins read
Jul 2023

What is Bantam Planet?

Embark on an exploration of the uncharted expanse of Bantam, a tiny and enigmatic planet with an ice ring, isolated continents, and an Earth-like biome.

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Gallow Springs, Bantam Planet
mins read
Jul 2023

What is Gallow Springs?

Explore Gallow Springs, a frontier town on the outskirts of Midland civilization, with its vibrant streets and rich history.

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The Deadly Strangers
mins read
Jul 2023

Who are the Deadly Strangers?

Explore the intriguing individuals known as "Deadly Strangers,” a title bestowed upon those seemingly immortal and formidable individuals on Bantam.

pillars of creation

Our team here at Bantam is passionate about exploration, adventure, and stepping into the wild unknown. We spent all of our “Grit” trying to capture the spirit of what we love and bring it to life in our first game, Bantam West. Let us bring light to the three pillars that drive our creative process...

Expansive themes

Nothing is surface level, there is a beating heart beneath every aspect of our creations.

Immersive production

Art is what makes us human, therefore, we will never limit expression by budget or time constraints.

Rock-solid mechanics

Through iteration, we strive to take feedback and implement changes where necessary.

What is An Immersive Tabletop Sim?

The Immersive Tabletop Sim, or "ITS" for short, is a type of role-playing board game pioneered by Bantam Planet. These games emphasize player choice and creative problem solving in a self-contained system, thus requiring no game master to function. All ITS games will be compatible for combined play!

ITS Distinctions

No Game Master

It combines aspects of TTRPGs, stealth games, fighting games and exploration games in a self-contained system—meaning no Game Master.

narrative forming

The opportunities for scoring points always greatly outnumber the winning conditions, emphasizing player agency and narrative.

Character’s Perspective

All game interactions are witnessed from the character’s point of view, allowing the players to immerse themselves in the game world.

monolith of pioneers

We must strive to remember where we came from and pay respect to all those that help us along the way. It is the Bantam Way to construct a monument for each milestone we reach, commemorating those who helped us achieve it. The first monument is the Monolith of Pioneers.

The Monolith of Pioneers is dedicated to all those that pledged ‘Home On The Range’ or above during our first Kickstarter campaign. Without these tough individuals and the trust they bestowed upon us, we could not have shared Gallow Springs and its surrounding lands with the inhabitants of Earth Realm.

Every Pioneer has their name carved into a stone plate - each a slab extracted from the Southern Loren Range - and will be forever honored as the first Earthly Citizens of the Dethelm Frontier.

From Team Bantam

At Bantam Planet, we’re on a mission to ignite creativity and inspire introspection. As a game publisher, we’re committed to bringing you immersive experiences that will transport you to a world unknown. We’re passionate about everything we do and cannot wait to share our current and future creations with you!

Words from the world’s creator

From start to finish, life places obstacles and challenges in our path that we must overcome. When the burden builds, we can find respite in the little hideaways we make for ourselves. After all, everyone needs some rest, from the weariest Travelers to the mightiest Strugglers.

Bantam Planet was born as an escape of my own - a place where every unknown was a new opportunity for creative expression. As the world grew in scope and its first game became a reality, I shared it so that you, too, might find excitement in its adventures and peace in its beauty.

As a call to all weary Travelers, “Wish You Were Here!”

Isaac "Ike" Brunicardi
Founder, World Builder



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